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February 2016

flavored water

Flavored Water for Energy, Hydration, and Health

Admit it!  You drink too much coffee! You need water! I don't drink enough water.  I know it's healthy, and it's certainly free, but I always lean toward coffee during my day. Coffee's expensive and the extra calories and sugars add up, too.  I can easily drink a few cups in the morning, a few more when I get to school, and more cream-filled beverages after I get home.  That's a lot of Joe. Nutritionists have been talking about the benefit of lemon water in the morning.  I never drank much until I started flavoring it--then, I was hooked.  I'm not…
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whine about wine

No Need to Whine: 6 Ways to Find Broke Teacher Booze

An apple a day might keep the doctor away, but a few beers a year (or some booze) will keep you sane. You're a teacher.  No one deserves quality booze cheap more than you--except maybe Mall Santa. I love good wine and beer.  I don't enjoy as many adult beverages as I probably should these days, but that doesn't mean I'll drink swill. I won't. How can you afford to fill your flask on a teacher budget? Turns out, there are a ton of discount avenues to source your adult beverages.  Marianne from Connecticut submitted this find.  Good wine can…
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librarian friends

Need Books? Make Friends with the Librarian

Are you a broke teacher with a sad classroom library?  Make friends with the librarian. Every year, I restocked my classroom library, going to bookstores, looking for used books on Amazon, and spending up a storm.  I always lost a ton of books--the best books walk quick and never seem to come back. This isn't the way to do it at all! Hacking Education founder Mark Barnes suggests something different: "Befriend the community librarian. Make it clear that you're building a classroom library," he said.  "Teachers are always on the lookout for used books.  Attend library events.  Encourage your students to…
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Traveling Light? Try Hotel Tonight

Want to see the world but too broke to travel? Maybe not! Getting a hotel room doesn't need to break the bank or force you to plan fifty years in advance. "Get a room on Hotel Tonight," said my friend.  I travel to New York for Job 2 from time to time. When I'm spending my money, I plan, budget, check and compare.  When I'm spending someone else's, I'm ten times worse. "Plan on spending about $300 a night," he said.  "Hotel rooms get expensive in Manhattan." $300 is way above what I ever spend for a hotel room per night.   I hadn't used…
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Beans: The Magical Fruit

Beans, beans the magical fruit... Actually, they're not a fruit, they're a legume, but who cares? They taste good. You could buy beans for a buck or two a can, but they'd taste like the aluminum they're canned in. You can do better. Make these fresh! Quick soak method: Boil your dried beans for a minute or two, then turn off the heat. Let them sit for at least an hour. Drain the water and replace with fresh water.  This is key if you want to avoid some of the unpleasant effects of beans. Boil until soft. Overnight soak method:…
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