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March 2016


Egg Overdose: What to Do with Your 10M Eggs

Are you afraid of Easter egg overdose? Egg overdose is a real thing, something parents and teachers across the nation fear.  Everyone likes to color a million eggs, but no one wants to eat them.   If you cried every time someone boiled another dozen eggs to color, don't fear.  Eggs are a great source of inexpensive protein and one of those foods that can go in any direction.  They are a cook's blank canvas. Here are a few ways to avoid choking on boiled eggs for the rest of the spring.  You might decide you like them enough to enjoy them every day of the year.…
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Dump Your Surplus. Get What You Really Need

If you have five million boxes of staples and there's not a single pencil in site, you've got to do something immediately to get rid of your surplus to get the things you really need. You don't want to file a request in triplicate that won't get here till June.  Take matters into your own hands before it's too late. Here are four ways to dump your surplus and get what you need Organize a Yankee Swap The Yankee swap is a holiday gift swapping tradition that allegedly took its name from prisoner exchanges during the Civil War.  Confederate troops were anxious to trade…
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cup of joe

Why Caesar’s Gruesome Death Makes me Celebrate Friends

Good friends make a great life. The Ides of March is almost here. That's the day Julius Caesar was stabbed in the back by his friends.  Every March 15th, in honor of Caesar, I celebrate friends. "Caesar got killed though..." Yes, indeed. How many of us have friendships that are killing us slowly--sucking the lives out of us day by day? Meanwhile we miss out on the people who bring us joy. The Ides of March is an excellent time to reflect upon this. On this day, I take a moment to be grateful for the friends who make life worth living--the ones I…
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Your Handouts Are Ugly. How to Make Them Shine

No one wants to read your handouts.  They're ugly and boring...or worse yet, copied from an old workbook. Are you still giving old-school worksheets to Generation Snapchat? I was. "What do I have to do?" kids would say. "Read the directions!... You didn't read it yet." I'd point, I'd show them where the passage asked them to do something.  I'd explain till I was blue in the face.  I'd even read it to them. Finally, I realized something. My handouts were awful.  They were boring...and ugly to boot, walls of text in old-style font and very little white space.  Students were skipping key information because…
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How to Make Your Classroom Website without Bleeding Cash

You can run an all-out technology-based classroom as a broke teacher... even if you don't have computers or Chromebooks. All you need is a classroom website. Why a website? Websites are where our kids are used to getting information.  That's where we go to first.  There's not much I'll buy, look for, or do without checking out a website--that's the culture kids were born into. You should have a classroom website. "But I don't know much about tech." "But I'm broke!" There are many reasons to put this off--none of them are good. You'd never accept excuses from students.   The…
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