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May 2016

teacher appreciation

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!

An alum of mine posted a picture of drinks on my Facebook wall for Teacher Appreciation Week.  She told me I was awesome and said she'd buy me "tea," but she suspected she'd put something else in the tea.  I wonder if she thought I needed it. The absolute best part wasn't the appreciation--it was that this student was a school hater in her day.  She's now working on her second degree raising a family.  That's what teachers do when we make relationships and let kids follow passions.  It's often impossible to realize the impact of that in real time. That's why…
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To Email or Not to Email… That is the Question

"I delete your emails," said a friend.  "They're too long."  They were.  These days, I'm embarrassed.  My old emails would've been perfect--if I were writing a research paper or Ph.D thesis.  They're way too long and deserved to be filed under #nobodycares. I apologize to everyone who ever received one of my "before" emails and thank all the people outside of education who said, "SHORT!  MAKE THEM SHORT!" The first time I used a sentence fragment in an education email I felt completely liberated.  Trust me, there will be more. Email skills are important since more and more schools are getting email…
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students with phones

“I Want to Smash Their Phones”

"I want to smash their phones." This is the number one complaint I hear about middle and high school students with phones.   It often gets directed to me. "I know you wanted students to have phones, but..." I'm a big fan of BYOD*--Bring Your Own Device--for a number of reasons. Who doesn't like their own phone, computer or tablet?  Studies show people are more productive when given a device they favor. I don't have access to computers in my classroom--I have a few student stations but not enough for a class of 25 or 30.  Enter--phones.  Between student phones and my five computers,…
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