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September 2016


Craigslist 101–Clean & Clean Up at the Same Time

The secret to making cash on Craigslist? Buy low, sell high. That's it. People have been doing it for centuries with classified ads. Craigslist just makes it easier to find and post. "I once sold a set of weights before I picked them out of the garbage on the side of the road," said one teacher who constantly flips items on Craigslist. "I saw an ad for 'weights wanted' that day and noticed weights on the side of the road. I contacted the poster and gave him a price, then went back and picked them up. I have a truck, so I delivered…
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tomato salad

The Tomato Salad that Saved Me from Starving

Try this summer-fresh Russian tomato salad This make ahead meal is great for your late summer tomatoes. This was one of my go-to meals from my favorite restaurant when I lived in Moscow. Russia isn't well known for being overly vegetarian friendly, but there are some killer salads and veggies around the city. This dish is from a restaurant called Cafe Margarita about midway between the Arbat and Tverskoy districts--one of the few vegetarian dishes I found. It's tough to be the only vegetarian in a country who eats meat. That's probably why I was so grateful to Cafe Margarita and never forgot…
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13 tips

13 Tips for Being an Amazing Teacher

Someone on Quora asked me to give tips for teaching at a high school, so, I did. Then I posted it on Medium under the title "13 Tips & Non-negotiables for Teaching at a High School." Here are the 13 Tips and the original post: Each of these things have made me the teacher I am today. Do these things, and you’ll be the type of high school teacher every student will remember as “that teacher.” We need more of “that teacher” in every school in America. YOU MUST: have a sense of humor, an unshakeable will, and the ability to…
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Celebrate Constitution Day with FREE Resources

Celebrate Constitution Day! The the United States Constitution was signed in September of 1787. It wasn't ratified by the nine states needed to allow it to take effect until June 21, 1788. That's three-quarters of a year later. If you think our political process is slow today, think of how much work it took to get the Constitution approved! The Constitution is the highest law of the land. It's the glue that holds the nation together. It's a living, breathing document that has been working hard for over two centuries. Teach a lesson honor of the Constitution today. Here are some free Constitution Day resources to get…
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Waste Not Want Not Series: Canning 101

Canning 101: Preserve the Harvest & Your Wallet Canning isn't just for your grandmother anymore. Whether you've got a survivalist bunker or you're a foodie crying because the last fresh blueberry dropped off the bush, canning is for you. Canning and food preservation fed Napoleon's armies, and kept homesteaders from cannibalism throughout American history. For me, canning isn't matter of life and death--if I were a pioneer, I'd most certainly be dead. Canning falls somewhere between earth-loving sustainability and food snob. What started as a budget craft quickly became an obsession. I waste less and eat better every year. Canning is one of our grandparents'…
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