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December 2016


FREE Unlimited Kombucha. You Can Make It Yourself

I was hooked on kombucha the first time I tried it.  It's a sip of bubbly, refreshing heaven. It reminded me of a wine cooler without the wine.  The problem, though, was it's cost. $4-6 a bottle meant that I couldn't have it all the time...unless... I learned to make it myself. What is kombucha? Kombucha is a fermented sweet tea that has tons of probiotic value.  I thought it originated in some hipster's cube, but really it has it's roots as the "elixir of life" in ancient China. Why should I make kombucha? It's easy, it's fun, and making…
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weight gain

5 Easy Ways to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

"You're getting older." That's what the doctor said about weight gain. My friends didn't take my weight gain seriously either. What do you say to a formerly-scrawny person gaining a few pounds? "@#$# #$&." That's what they said. But being at a good weight is important for good health. Holiday season is both a danger time for weight gain and a great time to reassess. So, I ask myself some questions: Am I exercising like I used to? Is everything I put into my body good for me? Am I stressed? Am I too busy? Am I getting enough sleep? The body needs…
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sesame noodles

A Simple Sesame Noodle Recipe You’d Better Double

A sesame noodle dish that gives a take-out feel during the middle of the school day... I love cold sesame noodles. They're super easy, fantastic for make-ahead meals, and delicious. This dish is a great summer--or winter dish that can be served hot or cold, and costs pennies to make. Just swap out the veggies for something in season, and you have a changeable masterpiece. Ingredients: cooked rice noodle--I'm using the linguini sized here. Sesame oil rice wine vinegar diced veggies--here I'm using cucumber, but I also use bean sprouts or spiralized zucchini. fresh cilantro if in season sesame seeds garlic (use…
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