…Don’t buy even one more pencil for your class…

The object of your job is to get you to your dreams, not make you bankrupt.

The Broke Teacher project started as a joke–I’m not going to lie. It started as a bunch of obnoxious Facebook posts meant to cheer up a broke teacher friends.

“Where to Steal the Best Pencils for Your Class…”

“27 Ways to Eat Ramen!”

It got worse, as broke teachers around the nation started making requests for tech tips, recipes, and all the obnoxious Scroogelike things I did to save money.

But there’s a problem with that…

Being a Broke Teacher’s not what life’s about at all.

Life’s not about reusing dental floss and coffee grounds to make ends meet so you can go bankrupt spending on your classroom, it’s about living an excellent life so you can pass on that skill to the next generation–your students.

BrokeTeacher.com is here for you with tips, meals, and frugal finds.  Get the best luxury travel, food, fun, fashion, and classroom tips to build an amazing lifestyle on a dime.

With a little bit of financial fitness, some hustle on the side, and tips from BrokeTeacher.com, you’ll turn your budget around and make your wallet smile.

Don’t let your classroom drag you down!

Feeling broke is nothing more than a state of mind…

…but here’s the secret. So is feeling rich.

Let’s take this journey together. Discover the things you value, and ways to make them real. Stay tuned for chef-quality frugal gourmet recipes, DIY amazement, classroom tips and tech, and lifestyle hacks that make you wonder if you really are living on a teacher’s salary.

About me…

About me Broke Teacher

I’m an author, teacher, mom and sustainability nut who started my insanely thrifty habits at a very young age.  Like fine wine or moldy cheese, I’ve improved with time. I hope you find value in these posts and stories. You can find my personal blog, CaféCasey.com here. There, I write whatever comes to my mind.

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